Welcome the first of this 4-part blog series reviewing the Alkoomi Survey. Over this series we will highlight some of the most important features of our survey tool, and examples of how we ensure these aspects remain constant through all our surveys.

The Alkoomi Survey tool is a key part of any programme we run with our clients, and in a typical year we would survey around 10,000 people across the world to help paint a clear picture on how their organisation is perceived by its employees. More information can be found in this article.

One of the fundamental facets of each of our surveys is that we aim for 100% enrolment throughout the organisation we are surveying. When we announce this at the beginning of a programme this is usually met with scoffs and rolled eyes as most see this as unrealistic. This cynicism usually comes as a result of running previous surveys with other companies where a suitable return rate was between 30% and 50%.

What separates our competitors from our survey is how we enrol the population. It begins at the launch meeting of the programme, weeks before the survey is set up. We ensure the senior executives are completely onboard with the survey and encourage them to generate interest and intrigue as it cascades down through the organisation.

In the weeks before the survey launches, we encourage sites and offices to put up posters alerting people that they will soon have their chance to have their say about how they feel about their working environment. We provide guidance notes for managers and supervisors about how to promote the survey and provide a sample script to use at daily briefings or toolbox talks.

Then, once the survey launches, we provide all the tools needed for a successful rollout. Posters and handouts are created with links to the survey and QR codes to access on smartphone or laptop. Where this is not possible, some organisations opt for the use of paper forms which are provided and submitted anonymously in a communal deposit box before being sent directly to Alkoomi HQ for analysis.

We also provide in depth notes to survey distributers about how they should ask their employees to complete the survey. It should be done during working hours, not before or after a shift or even during a lunch break. It should be seen as part of their working day and all responses should be instinctive and honest.

We also provide daily updates which break down the responses by region, department, sector, site or contractor which is sent to all managers to see where further enrolment is needed. Not only does this give a clear indication of who is doing well, but also sparks a certain degree of competition as nobody wants to see their group with a lower response rate then their associates!

There should also be constant reassurances that their privacy and anonymity is always protected, and this is something we will look at in a bit more depth in our next article.

From the surveys Alkoomi ran in 2021, all but one of them had a response rate of over 80%. In fact, one survey exceeded 100% due to mobilisation occurring after the launch of the survey. This is despite many of these surveys being ran in some of the toughest conditions amongst a myriad of potential hurdles that together with our clients we’ve overcome.

Of course, these results would not be possible without the hard work from the Survey Champions and Coordinators from our clients who are actively engaged from Day 1. They ensure materials are distributed far and wide to the right people and enrol throughout the whole organisation structure, which is paramount to ensuring the importance of the survey is recognised.

You can find out more about the survey here.