One of the most vital parts of any Alkoomi programme is the survey process, as it allows us and our clients see where the gaps lie between their culture and an ideal culture.

In 2021, Alkoomi surveyed over 10,000 people across 7 different organisations in the UK and Canada. In addition, we have held hundreds of confidential interviews to gather additional data which joins together to form the Report of Findings; a 70-80 page, easy to navigate breakdown of all survey results.

What makes this more staggering is these reports are not automated – each piece of interview and anecdotal data from every survey is reviewed and grouped by our team of experts to ensure that not only is every survey participant’s views respected and valued, but that the readers receive a fair and balanced report – we outline what is working well and what areas are open for opportunity.

In addition, 6 out of these 7 surveys received an 80% response rate or higher within the organisation. The main reason for this is the way we work with each organisation to design the most effective and productive enrolment process – this process is about having people in an organisation feel the survey is important TO THEM. We also make sure everyone is able to fill out a survey by providing both online and offline options, and offering the survey in a plethora of languages.

Past challenges have seen us run surveys in the heart of the Kazakh desert to the pipelines of Mexico, spanning from offshore vessels to the Sierra Madre mountains. We’ve tackled contentious matters from bribery to on-site bullying and ensured all participants from Executive level to Workforce have remained anonymous throughout every survey we have ever run thanks to our strict adherence to data protection regulations and rigorous checks on each set of data.

We’ve built a tried and tested process, but we don’t plan on stopping development there. In 2022 we plan on covering more key issues across all areas of an organisation in our surveys, and using the feedback received from all 2021 survey participants we aim to make the survey even more user friendly and simpler to understand.