How Alkoomi Work


Establish where the journey is starting from – the existing culture


Have the senior leadership create a clear, shared vision of what their committed future looks like for the organisation


Engage and enrol the organisation in creating this new future.

No two organisations are the same and face their own unique challenges. Therefore Alkoomi, based on their established theory of practice, develop specific interventions for each individual client.

Alkoomi work with a client’s organisation throughout the journey on each element of a Programme to ensure that any intervention is client led. Where the client has implemented leadership and culture change programmes, Alkoomi strive to develop on the great work already done, adding rigour and energy to the success already achieved. It is about building on the existing foundations.

Organisation Culture Surveys

Alkoomi have been carrying out Culture Surveys for over 15 years and these have become a crucial tool in helping our clients understand their organisations and unlock the full potential of their people. The survey helps clients understand and obtain a picture of the predominant cultural attributes of their organisation that drive existing behaviours.

The survey tool is adaptable and is suited for any size organisation in any sector; it is flexible with customisation of structure, demographics, gender, and languages. It can be an entirely online experience for the user or supplemented with paper form submission.

All surveys are custom built for each client and designed to provide a gap analysis between the culture the organisation are committed to creating, and what exists at the time of the survey. Detailed analysis and reporting follows, providing insights and a view of all levels, locations, and specialities within a client organisation; it will identify the areas that leadership need to go to work on as leaders to deliver the results they aspire to.

“Thank you for sparking a change of thinking within the leadership team. We have a much better understanding of what is important to focus our time on.”

Simon, Head of Safety & Sustainable Development

More about Surveys

Collaborative Team Building

Teams are not created merely by finding the right people and putting them in place. Teams are created by doing the hard leadership work needed to develop an organisation culture of true collaboration. Collaboration is not organisational, nor is it procedural it is an individual and shared mindset. A mindset where people are prepared to sacrifice personal success for the team success. A mindset where people are committed to the vision of the organisation and prepared to do what I takes to have that vision become a reality, whatever the barriers put in their way. Collaboration is about working out solutions together and shared learning, such that the combined effort exceeds the sum of the parts i.e. synergy.

Alkoomi work with clients to develop the required leadership to develop a powerful culture of collaboration in any organisation whether it be a team of individuals or collaboration between existing organisations such as in joint ventures, partnerships, or mergers.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
~ Henry Ford – Founder of Ford Motor Company

Leadership Development Training

Alkoomi work with clients on their leaders transformational development such that they see the possibility and power of their own leadership to achieve the culture change they aspire to, setting a standard of leadership for others in the organisation to follow.

This goes beyond having a target of excellence in all areas of performance, including the elimination of all injury; it’s a culture where people in the organisation feel they are treated with dignity and respect, where there is care and concern and where people feel valued for the daily contribution they make.

Alkoomi deliver bespoke development programmes suited to the unique working environment and unique challenges of each client. In construction and related sectors, Alkoomi help the leadership design focused programmes to support their supervision and workforce in developing behaviours to meet with their goal of embedding culture change.  Through train the trainer programmes technologies and skills are transferred into an organisation ensuring sustainability.

“There is an important distinction between safety management and safety leadership. Leadership and culture change are essential if we are to eliminate fatal accidents”
~ Baroness Donaghy CBE – Trade Unionist & Life Peer

360° Management Coaching

Whether running a stand-alone leadership development intervention, or as part of a wider Alkoomi programme, the 360° process is a valuable personal leadership development tool. It focuses on the individual leader, exploring their strengths and development needs, providing quality, trustworthy, and confidential data.

Alkoomi individually support everyone going through this highly personal process providing individual coaching and all of the 360° administration. The 360 process culminates in a confidential report examined together in private session with an experienced Alkoomi senior  consultant to gain maximum benefit to the individual leader.

Alkoomi do not recommend the utilisation of the 360 Tool for individual performance assessment or performance evaluation by the organisation. Alkoomi believe the effect is most powerful as a personal insight and development tool for the individual.

Alkoomi’s powerful leadership coaching to executives and senior managers may be result from participation in the 360° programme, or because of personal goals and objectives the individual has identified for themselves.

Coaching is based on a transformational approach developed by Alkoomi and is focused on having the individual be successful in creating the future they are committed to. This opportunity gives the individual insights into new possibilities and gets them into action as leaders to bring their committed future into being.

“All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything!”
~ Gary W. Goldstein – Author & Producer