United Kingdom

Alkoomi operate from a head office in Hampshire, Southern England where an extensive specialist support team is based.

Alkoomi are privileged to work very closely with clients, getting to understand what makes them tick and the distinct challenges they each face. Alkoomi have built strong relationships with its UK Clients and have formed long lasting relationships which continue many years after the completion of a programme.


Alkoomi Canada has an operational base in central Calgary providing support to its Canadian clients by a team of experienced Canadian consultants.

The Canadian consultant team get to the heart of what is important to our Canadian clients, both at the executive and workforce level.

Alkoomi Canada have delivered a wide range of services and has extensive working knowledge across the nation, from utilities in Ontario to pipelay in Alberta and British Columbia.


Alkoomi work across many countries in both Europe and around the world such as Mexico and South Africa. Each Culture and language is respected, and every attempt is made to deliver our services in the client’s native language. Programmes are well supported by materials in multiple languages, as well as in person delivery and online assistance when appropriate.