In April the Alkoomi team received an email sharing the news that the S&C North Alliance has celebrated a full 365 days without a single lost time injury.

With 2.7 million hours delivering projects over the last year, on extremely complex schemes such as Liverpool Lime Street, PARR, Derby, Fletton, Ambergate and many more, this is a very significant milestone and great accomplishment.

“People safety at work is a race without a finish line and achieving this milestone has given me renewed motivation to keep this outstanding record intact. The complexity of what we do, the number of people involved; the movement of people and the geography mean that it’s difficult but the SCNA has a habit of making the difficult seem easy.”

Alliance Director, S&C North Alliance

Alkoomi is extremely proud to have worked with the Alliance and been a part of building the safety culture that ensures the safety and well-being of its workers, a culture that is founded on excellent leadership and integrity.

We wish SCNA another year of fantastic achievements.