It has been announced that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will be working with the Football Association in the UK, on promoting mental health with their already prolific charity, Heads Together to “harness the influence and popularity of football to help show the nation that we all have mental health and it is just as important as physical health”. Marie Claire have also recently published an article about “24 celebrities who have opened up about mental health” including some of the biggest names in Hollywood. <br>

But with all this public pressure being applied to mental health, have employees got the memo? With one in six workers likely to be suffering from a mental health condition (2016 ONS statistics) and 45 per cent of working days lost were due to work related stress (2016 HSE information) when will real action be taken to the causes of stress and distress at work, before these causes become consequences?

“It is also ironic that a ‘toxic’ culture is at the root of mental health issues experienced by too many people and is also the root cause of why organisations are unable to sustainably perform to their optimum and most productive.”

Alkoomi Managing Director, Paul Taylor

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