As many companies in the UK  have put their staff on furlough, there are still many people who are capable of working from home. However, this brings about its own concerns, particularly as days turn into weeks, and possibly months as lockdown continues.

Essentially these people are lone working, with no supervision.  Are their stress levels ok, and how are they managing without the usual interactions they would have with their colleagues?

They will probably have laptops, but do they have workspaces that are setup correctly?  We take for granted that in most office situations these are already in place and may have been formally assessed in larger organisations.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have addressed these concerns which can be read below.  Not only should this be undertaken by employers, but there is also information on how employees should set up their display screen equipment.

HSE Guidance on working from home

Image courtesy of Marco Verch under Creative Commons License 2.0