Industry: Rail – Operating Company
Alkoomi Involvement: Safety Leadership and Culture Change Programme
Date: 2019 – 2021


Chiltern Railways is a British train operating company owned by Arriva UK Trains. It operates, under a government franchise, the commuter/regional rail passenger services from its central London terminus to destinations in the  English Chilterns and West Midlands. Alkoomi were approached by Chiltern in 2018 to assist them to deliver on their declared objectives of everyone returning home safely every day and zero lost time incidents.

Client & Alkoomi approach

Alkoomi delivered a bespoke programme of tailored workshops and events which needed to recognise the unique circumstances of being a public service operator demanded with day to day working alongside the travelling members of the public.

Focussing the programme on the ownership of safety by the individual, Alkoomi worked with Chiltern to launch the People Engagement Forum’s throughout the organisation. Crucially, Alkoomi worked closely with the trade union leadership at the outset which had a significant positive impact in engaging the workforce.

In the face of the coronavirus in 2020, Alkoomi worked hard to ensure they continued delivery of the programme and transitioned training from a face-to-face format to highly interactive workshops delivered online, and provided support to those unfamiliar with an online environment. This provided an opportunity to work in smaller intimate groups and understand the challenges of those in different areas of the business.

Outcomes and Feedback

Alkoomi were able to reach over 150 managers and 80 supervisors during 2019-2021 and have given them the tools to engage with all their 700+ frontline staff enabling the whole company to be enrolled and stand for the home safe every day message.

“I must admit I was apprehensive about the course, but the course leaders were very good and put me at ease and I enjoyed the course and there are aspects of it that would apply to the way I deal with colleagues so thank you for an excellent course”.

Case Studies