Chiltern Railways have committed to creating a future where everyone goes home safe every day. The supervision at Chiltern Railways are in a pivotal role and crucial in engaging with the workforce to get this message across.

In the face of the coronavirus, Alkoomi worked hard to ensure the restrictions did not get in the way of continuing the delivery of the culture change programme to the frontline supervisors. We developed with Chiltern senior leadership the transition of this training from a face-to-face format to one that could be delivered online to each supervisor’s laptop.

On the Zoom platform we ran our first highly interactive workshop last week which included the use of role-play to develop leadership skills and the opportunity for the supervisors to communicate directly with their senior manager in small intimate groups.

The supervisors attending the workshop reported back that they enjoyed working in smaller groups and found the workshop wasn’t overloading them with information. By working in groups with fellow peers and receiving debriefs with the Alkoomi consultants they were given insights in how to deal with different situations. They said they were reminded of the impact of being a supervisor and how they can directly influence people’s work.

Following the great feedback Chiltern are now rolling out the workshops to a further 80 Supervisors over the next two months.

Alkoomi are continuing to help our clients make the impact required despite the limitations of the pandemic to have everyone go home safe every day.

Photo courtesy of Compare Fibre @ Unsplash