As the GasLink is preparing for their upcoming summer construction program, they are remobilizing their workforce and ensuring their people are safe is of the upmost importance.  Their successful Covid-19 Management Plan is a robust system to ensure that all staff, and the communities around them are being tested in this industry-leading program.  As Edwin, a bus driver reports, “I feel safer here than I do at home”.

The thorough testing program, not only helps people to feel safe, but that they can come back to work and feel productive which is also good for their mental health.

Alongside the testing, it has recently been announced that Northern Health, directed by B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer, is helping to facilitate vaccinations for industrial workers residing in large workforce accommodation sites as part of BC’s province-wide immunization program.

Coastal GasLink will work cooperatively to assist Northern Health with the implementation of their planned vaccine program.

Alkoomi wish to add their acknowledgement to TCE/CGL for the commitment to their people and the communities in rising to the challenge of the global pandemic in their legacy for the project.


Coastal GasLink – COVID Testing (with captions) from Coastal GasLink.