Mental Health / Safety

The challenges of lone working

29th October 2019

As the clocks have changed in the UK and the dark afternoons are with us we should think of those lone workers on site without the support of fellow workers. Whilst on shift these people have their physical and mental well-being as their responsibility.

There are lone workers in most sectors and people who are usually working in groups may encounter being a lone worker at some point in their career. It’s important that everyone understands the greater risk taken on by working alo...

Canada / Organisational Culture Development / Safety

Inter Pipeline Celebrate

29th August 2019

Back in May we were proud to share Inter Pipeline’s news that they were celebrating one million injury free hours. They have now published a video interviewing some of the fantastic people working on the Heartlands Project at Fort Saskatchewan, Canada and the impact on safety that Alkoomi have helped them to achieve.

The Workforce Engagement Workshops and Supervisors Skills are an integral part of our Safety Leadership Development programs and vital in connecting with workforce and ...

Canada / Organisational Culture Development

‘Elder in Residence’ at Coastal GasLink sites

16th August 2019

The TC Energy Coastal GasLink project in Canada is creating 14 accommodation sites along the pipeline route and are working hard to address the understandable concerns about the potential social impacts.

First Nations communities and businesses are being involved throughout the process with contracts awarded to northern Indigenous businesses and a commitment to work collaboratively with these Indigenous communities.

For the first time, Coastal GasLink will be initiating an “El...

Mental Health / UK

Changing the game on mental health

6th August 2019

It has been announced that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will be working with the Football Association in the UK, on promoting mental health with their already prolific charity, Heads Together to “harness the influence and popularity of football to help show the nation that we all have mental health and it is just as important as physical health”. Marie Claire have also recently published an article about “24 celebrities who have opened up about mental health”...

Organisational Culture Development / Safety

S&C North Alliance celebrate

12th June 2019

In April the Alkoomi team received an email sharing the news that the S&C North Alliance has celebrated a full 365 days without a single lost time injury.

With 2.7 million hours delivering projects over the last year, on extremely complex schemes such as Liverpool Lime Street, PARR, Derby, Fletton, Ambergate and many more, this is a very significant milestone and great accomplishment.

Canada / Organisational Culture Development

Client Success in Fort Saskatchewan

30th May 2019

In Fort Saskatchewan, Canada nearly 1000 employees of Inter Pipeline have achieved more than 1-million hours without a recordable workplace incident.

Read the full article here: The Record: Inter Pipeline celebrate