Executive Leadership Development

Corona Virus – Change the Question; Change the Outcome

6th May 2020

I found myself contemplating recent events today after a conversation with a client (video conference of course) in which our client said, “you could not have written the script for the events of the last couple of months.” We were discussing being a leader of an organisation in times such as these. I was reminded of two quotes:

“Harold Mc Millan is purported to have said to a journalist in answer to a question about what he fears most as PM – he answered; event...

Canada / Project Teams

Coastal GasLink achieves clearing milestone

17th April 2020

As winter construction comes to a close, Coastal GasLink has cleared 72% of the total 670km pipeline route, most sections have in excess of 70% clear, and Section 5 celebrates 100% route clearance. All done with zero serious incidents or injury over 4million person-hours.

Coastal GasLink winter construction video

Melting snow, thawing conditions and sensitive migration of birds and other species now make co...

Mental Health / Safety

Protecting Home Workers

9th April 2020

As many companies in the UK  have put their staff on furlough, there are still many people who are capable of working from home. However, this brings about its own concerns, particularly as days turn into weeks, and possibly months as lockdown continues.

Essentially these people are lone working, with no supervision.  Are their stress levels ok, and how are they managing without the usual interactions they would have with their colleagues?

They will probably have laptops, but ...

Executive Leadership Development / UK

Leading example by Network Rail

3rd April 2020

Network Rail are giving suppliers a welcome cash boost by announcing it will pay suppliers immediately.

Clive Berrington, Commercial and Procurement director for Network Rail, said: “Our priority is to support the supply chain as much as possible through these unprecedented times. We have therefore moved all our suppliers to immediate payment terms, or as close as you can get following approval of the invoice, and we expect that to flow down to the supply chain.”


Canada / UK

Alkoomi Covid-19 Update 27 March

27th March 2020

In accordance with the UK government instruction that all people who can work from home should do so, Alkoomi has transitioned to home working and our working hours remain unchanged. You can also connect with Alkoomi via our website or

We are currently exploring ways we can help our existing client base and new clie...

Canada / UK

Alkoomi and Covid-19

16th March 2020

In line with the UK government’s focus on delaying the spread of coronavirus, the Alkoomi team is ready and poised for home working to ensure no break in service to its clients. Currently both the UK and Canadian operations are being managed from the UK office and there will be a seamless transition to home bases should that be necessary.

Alkoomi will continue to work with clients, adapting as required, to support them during these difficult times.

Canada / Executive Leadership Development / Organisational Culture Development

Inter Pipeline’s outstanding safety record

5th February 2020

On 30 January Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) held their annual Stakeholder event which is arguably the most important industry conference in Alberta with 1100 attendees including owner companies, a multitude of fabricators, suppliers, construction contractors along with elected officials at all levels of government.

Amongst the other notable speakers was Bernard Perron, Senior Vice President, Projects & Operations Services at Inter Pipeline who provided an upda...

Mental Health / Safety

The challenges of lone working

29th October 2019

As the clocks have changed in the UK and the dark afternoons are with us we should think of those lone workers on site without the support of fellow workers. Whilst on shift these people have their physical and mental well-being as their responsibility.

There are lone workers in most sectors and people who are usually working in groups may encounter being a lone worker at some point in their career. It’s important that everyone understands the greater risk taken on by working alo...

Canada / Organisational Culture Development / Safety

Inter Pipeline Celebrate

29th August 2019

Back in May we were proud to share Inter Pipeline’s news that they were celebrating one million injury free hours. They have now published a video interviewing some of the fantastic people working on the Heartlands Project at Fort Saskatchewan, Canada and the impact on safety that Alkoomi have helped them to achieve.

The Workforce Engagement Workshops and Supervisors Skills are an integral part of our Safety Leadership Development programs and vital in connecting with workforce and ...

Canada / Organisational Culture Development

‘Elder in Residence’ at Coastal GasLink sites

16th August 2019

The TC Energy Coastal GasLink project in Canada is creating 14 accommodation sites along the pipeline route and are working hard to address the understandable concerns about the potential social impacts.

First Nations communities and businesses are being involved throughout the process with contracts awarded to northern Indigenous businesses and a commitment to work collaboratively with these Indigenous communities.

For the first time, Coastal GasLink will be initiating an “El...