Alkoomi are committed to working with organisations in any sector and of all sizes to deliver breakthroughs in performance they would not otherwise have thought possible. Alkoomi work on the development of extraordinary leadership in people at all levels that has them lead their organisation to accomplish sustainable breakthrough results and new futures, actions and results. It is leadership in the pursuit of excellence;

  • Excellence in safety – the elimination of all injury and the promotion of physical and mental well-being

  • Excellence in quality – the elimination of rework

  • Excellence in all other measures of business performance

It is about developing an extraordinary organisation culture that delivers sustainable change in individual behaviours.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can engage with your leaders and teams to create new futures, actions and results.


United Kingdom

Alkoomi coordinates its UK and worldwide operations from a head office in Hampshire in the south of England where an extensive consultant and specialist support team is based.

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Alkoomi Canada has an operational base in central Calgary, AB, providing support to its Canadian clients by a team of professional and experienced Canadian consultants.

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Alkoomi work across many countries around the world where every culture and language is respected, and every attempt is made to deliver in the client’s native language.

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A huge thank you for all the support you & the team have given me in this programme. It’s been an absolute joy working in the partnership we have created; I love being involved in the programme and working with you all.

Manager, UK Rail Operator

We truly believe we have had the very best industry partners on this job.  Could not have done it without you.  Personal thanks to all of you and your teams.

Vice-President, Pipeline Company

I cannot thank you and your team enough for everything you have brought to us. I can’t count the number of people who have publicly and privately announced life changing experiences as a direct result of attending a workshop.

Saint, SNC Rail Alliance

A huge thanks for the inspirational information. As a safety advisor I sometimes feel I’m swimming against the tide but you managed to convince everyone in the room that going home safely is possible… I’ve been trying to get that message over for 4 years, and you managed it in 4 hours.

Peter, Manager, UK Rail Operator

Thank you again for your excellent facilitation at the team building event. The benefits of the exercise are plain to see and we are rolling out the results of the agreements made between the parties to the wider site team.

Steve, Contracts Manager

It was refreshing, if not exciting, for me to see the change in the team during the week. On the Friday they were using the language I have been using for years to deliver the message, but coming from these lads it just seemed more believable.

Peter, Director of Health & Safety

I must say that I took many things from the workshop and have looked at my role and our method of supporting and leading staff in a new light. I hope my team gained value as I know I certainly enjoyed the two days and took lots of improvement opportunities.

Richard, Director, Track Permanent Way Engineering, Rail Sector

By applying the tools that the Alkoomi workshop gave me over three years ago we have turned the contract around to be a stable, safe and profitable, in fact it is the highest performing in Rail Plant in terms of safety performance. Alkoomi has provided me with the foundation to become the leader I always wanted to be, A leader who is high performing through safety and engagement.

Tony, Head of TGS Services, Rail Industry

Thank you for sparking a change of thinking within the leadership team. We have a much better understanding of what is important to focus our time on. We have better training, supervision, close calls and inspections. But the key area has been our approach to each other and to employees.

Simon, Head of Safety & Sustainable Development

What a great feeling when you realise you’re making a difference just by the look on their faces, and the constant interaction of the group.

Kevan, Supervisor

A very big thank you for the journey you lead us on over the past day and a half. Your leadership during the workshop has certainly helped me refocus on my safety leadership journey. Spending this quality time together as a team was extremely valuable and rewarding.

David, Project Leader

It was without question the best workshop/course I’ve been on and you made it very simple to learn and deliver. I never thought I’d say this after day one, but I actually enjoyed it and can definitely say it has given me a much more positive outlook.

Dave, Supervisor