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Organisation Culture Development

Alkoomi has developed a model for an extraordinary culture. This model is based on the examination of those components of organisation culture that has had teams deliver breakthroughs; i.e. ‘step change’ in results in a short period of time.

The extraordinary culture is described by twelve attributes that deliver co-ordinated and collaborative action which result in the delivering of breakthrough results. Using the Alkoomi proprietary online survey tool, we help our clients understand where to go to work within their organisation to create the extraordinary culture they desire.

Alkoomi work with individuals & groups in the organisation in a series of workshops to develop the leadership that will have organisations deliver the results they are committed to.

"A good leader is someone people will follow through thick and thin, in good times and in bad, because they have confidence in them as a person, their ability and their knowledge of the job and because they know they matter to him."

~ Brigadier Sir John George Smyth, VC - Army Officer & MP

Our Services

Alkoomi are committed to making a difference.

We help organisations and individuals deliver breakthroughs in performance to give outstanding and sustainable results.

Organisation Culture Development

Alkoomi has developed a model for an extraordinary culture based on the examination of those traits of culture that has teams deliver 'step change' results in a short period of time.

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Collaborative Teams

The Alkoomi Teams programme has people adopt an ethos, attitude of mind and set of behaviours that will have them operate as a single, seamless and collaborative team to deliver a breakthrough result.

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Leadership in Safety

Alkoomi argue that any level of injury in the workplace is unacceptable. Alkoomi work with clients to have them take on a commitment to eliminate all injury in the workplace.

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Culture Assessment Tool

Alkoomi have developed a sophisticated yet easy to use Culture Assessment Tool (CAT) that gives powerful insights and an understanding of a client's existing organisation culture.

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Executive Coaching

Alkoomi provide individual powerful leadership coaching to executives and senior managers within organisations. This may be as a result of participation in a 360 degree programme or because of personal goals and objectives the individual has identified for themselves.

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360 Tool

The 360 Tool provides clarity for individuals about their leadership and how their behaviours and communication influences the culture and performance within their teams.

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