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About Us

Alkoomi is a highly effective consultancy service committed to the difference we can make for our clients.

The Alkoomi team are passionate about working with people, engaging with teams and their leaders, to develop transformational leadership in their people that create new futures and inspire new actions and sustainable results.

Our consultants are a mixture of industry experts and people development professionals. We have over 10 years’ experience in leadership development and cultural change that has resulted in extraordinary results for our clients. We can demonstrate a proven track record in different industries and different size organisations and on iconic projects, both UK and internationally.

How We Work

We understand that no two organisations are the same and so apply our theory of practice and transfer the“ “tools” to suit the unique requirements of our clients and the challenges they face.

With all our programmes, we co-design each element, including the online survey, with our clients to ensure that the work we do does not show up as a consultant led initiative within their organisation. Where the client has an existing culture development or safety programme, we strive to have this dovetail well, adding rigour and energy to the success already achieved.

Our Vision : Our Values : Our Journey

Alkoomi was established in 2006 with a vision to be the transformational leadership and culture development consultancy of choice.

The journey has seen us working with organisations in diverse sectors and locations from refineries in northern Germany, utility networks in South Africa, stadiums in the UK to oil and gas piplelaying in Northern Alberta, Canada.

Alkoomi is privileged to have been the official supplier of safety leadership and culture change services to the London 2012 Games.

We are proud of our reputation for quality, integrity, building sound and trusting relationships and above all making a difference for our clients.

We work on the continuous development of our people at all levels, from specialist consultants to supporting local apprenticeship and graduate schemes.

Our Services

Alkoomi are committed to making a difference.

We help organisations and individuals deliver breakthroughs in performance to give outstanding and sustainable results.

Organisation Culture Development

Alkoomi has developed a model for an extraordinary culture based on the examination of those traits of culture that has teams deliver 'step change' results in a short period of time.

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Collaborative Teams

The Alkoomi Teams programme has people adopt an ethos, attitude of mind and set of behaviours that will have them operate as a single, seamless and collaborative team to deliver a breakthrough result.

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Leadership in Safety

Alkoomi argue that any level of injury in the workplace is unacceptable. Alkoomi work with clients to have them take on a commitment to eliminate all injury in the workplace.

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Culture Assessment Tool

Alkoomi have developed a sophisticated yet easy to use Culture Assessment Tool (CAT) that gives powerful insights and an understanding of a client's existing organisation culture.

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Executive Coaching

Alkoomi provide individual powerful leadership coaching to executives and senior managers within organisations. This may be as a result of participation in a 360 degree programme or because of personal goals and objectives the individual has identified for themselves.

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360 Tool

The 360 Tool provides clarity for individuals about their leadership and how their behaviours and communication influences the culture and performance within their teams.

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